Monday, 13 July 2009

Wedding Photos Completed

I tool photos at a wedding yesterday (11th July) and I have now worked on all the photos to get them the way that I want them. The photo on the left is a very rare example of a photo with me in it as it was taken by my assistant. I like it because it is timeless. There are no vehicles or road markings. Alright I did tidy the road markings and there are TV aerials and a lampost, but it is almost timeless. The black and white gives it a dated look too.

I like the photo on the right because it is just before the bride and groom are going to make their entrance at the reception. There was a slight delay, they sat down and were having a conversation. I don't like to intrude but I have to take photos and I didn't know whether it was a private conversation, but as soon as I took it there were big smiles, They wanted that photo which makes it mean more to me. I'll show you my favourite photo of the day tomorrow.

Happy snapping.

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