Monday, 27 July 2009

Make things click

A couple of years ago I received a 'thank you' card from one bride and groom. I appreciate all thanks, verbal and non-verbal including cards, but this one was home made. I had put two photos together and written the words 'thank you' on one of the photos. They had cut the 6"x 4" photo in two and stuck them onto A5 card folded in half. The card was balanced by having one on the front and one on the back. The note was very nice too.

I have stopped asking brides and grooms if they want me to do this for them - I just do it. If they want to use it that's fine, and if they don't then that's fine too. In this example from last Friday I chose a couple of photos and left a bit of space in the sky for the words.

I saw a sign for a flower shop today that said something like our reputation grows with your recommendation. I am thinking more along the lines of making everything 'click' at a wedding. If you can think of a suitable pun then let me know.

Happy snapping

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