Sunday, 12 July 2009

No road markings and no rain

A couple of weeks ago I went with this bride and groom to the church and to the reception. The photo at the church gates is too close to the church tower, so we knew on the day of the wedding that this was the place for the photo. The church tower is there (no converging verticals) the horse and carriage is there and the bride and groom are in the forground. All the elements are there even if they only rode 100 yards before they got out. It was very good of the bride and groom and the drivers of the carriage but that is the nature of people on wedding days. Everyone works together to make the day go as smoothly as possible.

You may not notice that the road is tidier than roads generally are, and you may notice that there are no road markings. While I took this photo my assistant got an even better one of just the bridal party and the horse and carriage and the pub. What a pity the pub has no connection with the wedding. There two other changes that you may be able to work out. One is fairly obvious but the other may take a while to work out. Add a comment if you can see them.

I always look at the weather forecast and in the last few days I had been expecting heavy rain all day. The forecast did change to light rain all day and then it changed to light rain but beginning in the afternoon. I must have watched at least five TV forecasts and looked at the internet just as many times. we changed our plans because of the forecast and all the group photos had already been taken. We were going to wait till we got to the reception. As it turned out the rain started as I was returning from taking photos of the first dance - at 8.40pm. I should learn my lesson. I'll stop looking at the forecast.

Happy snapping

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