Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Another view of Morecambe Bay

This is Morecambe Prom looking into the Bay. It doesn't do justice to the view and I should cycle over and take another picture. I am sure that we have our own micro climate in Morecambe and we have wonderful sunsets. I have driven along the M6 on many occasions and the sky inland looks cloudy and the sky over the Irish Sea looks blue.

I suppose this work of art is telling us that Morecambe bay is a view to behold. If Antony Gormley can have living statues in Trafalgar Square then we can have a natural canvas in Morecambe. We can go one better and have our picture taken on Morecambe Bay and we will already be framed.

There is a lot to see in Morecambe but you have to look for it. If you see Eric for the first time then make sure that you have fifteen minutes to read the inscriptions in front of him. Walk along the prom and you will find lots more inscriptions telling you many facts about the geography and history of the area.

Happy snapping

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