Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Even the horses are getting on well

The beauty of digital photography is that you don't have to worry about the number of photos that you take. You might have one or two chances for a great photo with film but now everyone can act like a top photographer of the 1960s. Just keep taking photos. This means that for every wedding I get a lot of great photos. My favourite for this weeks's wedding is on the left. I'm not sure why, the background is not significant and there were another four or five photos that were similar but each time you take a photo the expressions are slightly different.

The photo on the right is another contender for the best photo of the day. It sets the scene with the horse and carriage. This time it is timeless as there are not TV aerials or lamposts. It looks even better after I have tidied up the car park but I think the reason I like this one is because of the pose of the bride and groom and the pose of the carriage drivers. Even the horses seem to be getting on well.

Happy snapping

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