Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bride and Groom and Guests

 If you take a photo of a couple then the chances are that they will stand something like the couple on the left. It is a simple photo to take and almost every photo taken at a wedding is going to be a good one. What makes the photo here is the background. Many photos of the bride and groom have a background which shows none of the guests but sometimes that is what you want. Nobody in the background is posing and those people are part of the memories of the day.

You get a similar photo when the couple are walking down the aisle. Those guests who thought they were going to stay in the background suddenly get to the foreground. One of my favourite parts of wedding photography is passing the photos over, usually around a week after the wedding. Often I hear comment like, "that's the only photo we have of that person!"

A similar pose on the right has the same result at the reception. I don't mind if guests are watching us as they become part of the background. There are lots of opportunities to take the more formal photos so let the guests take part in this type of photo.

Happy snapping