Friday, 10 July 2009

Night Photography 2

You probably take your camera on holiday. Now you have to pack a tripod as well. These two pictures were taken in France. There are many buildings in France that are lit at night.They are showing their building off so take advantage and take a photo. I am in the photo on the left. My camera has the options of a two second delay or a twelve seconds delay. I always use delays at night (as well as a tripod) so that you don't get any shake from pressing the shutter. After ten seconds the camera's red light flashes so you may even see me smiling.

The photo on the right was taken at the port of St Malo. Generally you have plenty of time to kill in ports so have a look for those landscapes at night. Look at the effect of different types of lighting. The main building looks white and the buildings in front look sepia. You can change the colours with the white balance settings on your camera. I like the warmth of the tints from the red and yellow but if you prefer the whiter look then check out the settings on your camera.

Happy snapping

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