Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Portraits in sepia with vignettes

The quality of digital photography is fantastic. I have an A1 poster on my wall and all the photographs I take are this quality. So if there is one small part that you like in the whole of a photograph then you have a good photo. In a group scene there may be three or four excellent photos that could be printed out at 6"x4".

As it happens both of these photos were just of the individuals. The photo of the bride was taken at the reception. The photo of the groom was taken outside the church and I ask him to hold out the ring. I tell him that he can relax as only the ring will be in focus - and it is the only thing in focus for one photo. This is another photo which just happens to be taken from the same photo. This is not a bad technique to get anyone to relax. All you need is a prop and tell them to hold it out.

Happy snapping

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