Thursday, 2 July 2009

Superimposing Photos

I like to take photos of the bride and groom while they are getting ready and looking at a picture or into a mirror. I superimpose a photo of the day and it looks like they are contemplating the day ahead. In the case of using a mirror there is always the possibility of an added bonus that the photo in the mirror turns out to be better than the direct photo. You may get two photos for the price of one.

The photo on the right is the one I chose for the mirror. The bottom left corner had some bricks that were distracting so I took them out. There were a couple of young boys in the photo that had nothing to do with the wedding party so I took them out. Finally for the image on the mirror I made the second photo a lot darker. Framed photos are not bright unless they are lit.

Happy snapping

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