Saturday, 25 July 2009

Two photos from the day

These photos were taken in the afternoon (Friday 24th July). I normally take photos on the prom with a setting sun but the forecast was not good. we took photos at the first opportunity. As it happens it did rain for less than ten minutes in the morning but other than that it was fine with lots of sunny intervals.

I printed this photo and took it back to them in the evening. It is 10"x 8" but it doesn't matter about the proportions of the photo in the photo. I wanted to be generous - that goes without saying, but it is great advertising when you get a photo back on the same day.

The main photo has been amended. I have taken out a distracting wall in the bottom left-hand corner. More obviously I have taken out the rail. You can get onto the beach quite easily in Morecambe but it is not quite as easy as this photo would suggest.

Happy snapping

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