Thursday, 30 July 2009

Two for the price of one

Wedding days are busy days. There is always plenty to do and because of this the day flies by. So when the bride and groom are getting ready I try to take the photos without affecting their preparations.

I like to find a frame. It could be a mirror, a painting or a photo and then superimpose a photo from the day. It only takes a second to do this. Wherever you get ready you are not far from a frame to look at or a frame to hold. I remember at a previous wedding asking the bride and groom to look at a mirror with a poster on it. The manager of the hotel wanted to take down the poster and I had to explain that nobody would ever see it. The bonus of taking a photo in a mirror is that very often you get a good photo as a reflection as well as photos like the two above.

Happy snapping

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