Saturday, 4 July 2009

Panoramas that mean something to you

I went to Morecambe library on 2nd July. Behind the main counter is a calendar with pictures of local scenes. The standard proportions of size of photos are 6"x4" or 7"x5" or even 8"x6" but this calendar had photos with a lot of different proportions. I noticed a couple of panoramas. It is expensive to get different sizes printed but putting them on the computer or on a blog doesn't cost anything. If the picture is one that you want then it is worth getting it printed.

I took this photo in Lancaster. It is alright. The view is alright. The lighting is alright. If you had a house in the view then it might just be a great photo for you and if you took the photo you would take more care of composing so that your house stood out. The rule of thirds still stands even if the photo is panoramic.

I have panoramic photos of Lancaster and Morecambe that you may see on calendars but why not look for that panorama that means something to you.

Happy snapping

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