Thursday, 9 July 2009

Night Photography

As a teenager I remember someone telling me that they really like night photography. I enjoy night photography too and sometimes just hearing that someone else enjoys something can inspire you to enjoy it too. It is not difficult with today's cameras but you do need a tripod. I will qualify that. You don't need a tripod but you have to rest your camera safely on something flat, and this can greatly limit your photo opportunities. So I'll go back to my first comment and say that you do need a tripod.

The photo on the left is just a back street. It is pretty uninspiring during the day but at night it has an air of intrigue. What will you find just along the street? The photo on the right is also an uninspiring subject in daylight. At night it is the subject of a photo that provides its own lighting. I have written blogs about the historical importance of photographs. It may just be a telephone box to you but it is an historical document to me.

Happy snapping.

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