Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Three dimensions in Morecambe Bay

I don't think that you can beat Morecambe Bay as a background. There are lots of wonderful views all around the country. Bill Bryson chose to live in Yorkshire but he called the Bay the best view in Europe in his book "Notes from a Small Island". It makes sense to use it for backgrounds to wedding photos and taking them in the evening is even better than in the afternoon. I try to combine twenty minutes of photos on the prom with the first dance.

The photo on the right shows a detail of the wedding and that background helps again. The flower still looks good even though it is now evening. The bonus is the light and the shadows certainy bring out three dimensions to the petals. Take the same photo in mid-afternoon and you only get two dimensions.

Happy snapping

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  1. When the bride and groom picked up their photos I found out that the flower was not real! So much for my comments on flowers.