Friday, 17 July 2009

Terrorists don't carry tripods

There are some fabulous stories on the internet about police officers stopping photographers from taking photos in public areas. One person suggests that you take photos of police officers who are about to arrest you for taking their photograph. Tell the police that you are within your rights to take the photos and if they arrest you then tell them you will sue them for wrongful arrest. I think this is a little headstrong. I am of the opinion that we should be able to take photos in public areas. If we are terrorists then we could just buy a book with all the photos and maybe a map as well. I would be very careful about upsetting any police officer. If you drive a car then it may not be too difficult to find a law that has been broken by your ownership. I am also sure there are lots of laws that could be used against anyone who upsets a police officer. The moral of this story is don't upset them and if they say don't take photos then don't take them. Leave the training of police officers to other times and other places.

There is an easy answer for terrorists if they want to take photos - take them with a small camera. The person who gets stopped with an SLR and a flash is almost certainly a keen amateur. If they know what they are doing then they will probably be carrying a tripod. So be aware terrorists, and don't use your tripod.

Happy snapping

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