Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Don't be short of a subject

If you are stuck for a subject then look up. The sky belongs to everyone and there is no copyright. However the best photographs still depend on the best lighting. There is an advantage with the sky in that I took this photo a couple of days ago and the 'golden hour' had passed. Everything on the groung was in shade but the golden hour continued in the sky.

The photo on the left has only been cropped. The photo on the right has been cropped a little more because this is the area with the greatest interest. You can almost see a face in these clouds. I did increase the contrast as well and I did apply an orange filter to give it even more drama.

You may like cloud formations for their own merit but you can also use them as backgrounds. This photo was taken at a 45 degree angle but the best cloud views if you want to superimpose someone in front are taken horizonatally. This is the way that the clouds would look naturally.

Happy snapping

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