Sunday, 5 July 2009

Different Views, same viewpoint

I was writing about panoramas yesterday. The photo on the left is a typical panorama of Lancaster. The river Lune is obvious. There is the Millenium Bridge. You can just see the portico of the maritime museum which is directly under the spire of Lancaster Cathedral. The Ashton Memorial is clearly seen on the horizon. This photo could easily be improved by taking it again with an SLR (I took it with my compact). It could be taken with a tripod, and it could be taken on a clearer day, but it is not bad for a snap.

I turned to my right to take the photo on the right. I was stood on the footpath on the Carlisle Bridge which carries the West Coast Main Line railway. The link between the two photos is how easy it is to get two or more photos from one vantage point.

Happy snapping

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