Thursday, 14 May 2009

When photo manipulation helps

I usually take this photo to show the detail of the back of the dress, the groom's ring, and the bond that is there between the bride and groom. A couple of year's ago one bride asked me to do the same thing with her hand on his waiscoat. It works just as well. I do take photos of details such as flowers but the additon of the bride's hand also show their link.

I have received so many kind comments about these photos recently that I thought that I would share the photos with you. There are some of this type of photo on my website at and in the galleries you can see that I sometimes leave the ring in colour. The gold really stands out against the black and white. If you only had this photo you would not be able to identify the bride and groom but they know who they are and it will be in their photo collection. It may mean that the photo has been manipulated but for me if it shows the link between the bride and groom and if it highlights the ring then it is a manipulation that I like to make.

Happy snapping

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