Saturday, 9 May 2009

Unusual angles show unusual things

This is the Lancaster Priory and Parish Church from an unusual angle. Well it is not unusual for me as it is a cycle track and I used to cycle along it twice per day to get to and from work.

From this angle you can see the way the land lies, and how the Romans would have seen the natural defence of their camp. I went on a walking tour with an historian who was talking about the Romans in Lancaster. We were on the path that goes from in front of the Priory down to the quay. This path is roughly on the horizon of this photo. I was told that just before the land level falls, there was a lot of evidence that the Romans used this area as their hospital. Archeological digs had found surgical tools.

If you walked to the path in the left corner of this photo and then walked in roughly the same direction for roughly the same distance you would come across Roman baths or at least the footings. Sometimes unusual angles are good because they show unusual things.

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