Friday, 22 May 2009

St Georges Quay Lancaster

This photo was taken last year. You can't go wrong with a picture of St Georges Quay in Lancaster. It makes a good photo and there is the bonus of the reflection of the buildings in the river Lune. I was thinking of updating this photo tomorrow but the weather forecast is not good. I want to highlight the line of the roofs. They are fascinating and you can see something of the change in angles even from this view.

In the centre of the picture is the Maritime Museum which is well worth a visit and you can also see one of the two pubs on the quay. I think that the pubs are well worth a visit as well. In the background you can see how modern buidlings have been built around the old, and even in the foreground some buidings are more modern than others but they do fit in well.

When the weather improves I will take another photo or two and include the roofline.

Happy snapping

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