Monday, 25 May 2009

Time to come to Morecambe

I was taking photos in Morecambe a few weeks ago. I was looking for something tall to show converging verticals, but the building has to be taller than the clock tower in Morecambe.

Yesterday (22nd May) I saw a picture of Westminster Cathedral. It has a tall tower and I suspect that you can't stand too far back because of all the building so this was a much better example of converging verticals. Put simply, it is like the perspective of a path going into the distance, but in a vertical sense it looks like the sides of a building are pointing towards each other. the eye accommodates for this but the camera doesn't. The answer is to step further back, work on it with photo manipulation, or intend to get converging verticals.

For this photo I left some blue sky for two reasons. One was that a lot of seagulls were flying near the clock tower. Three managed to get into this photo. The other reason is that I can fit other photos or words into the picture. I thought 'time to come to Morecambe' was quite catchy. I'm not sure about the sunset but if the tourist information office want to use it my rates are very - I nearly said cheap but let's settle for value for money.

Happy snapping

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