Friday, 8 May 2009


The 'golden hour' is the hour before sunset or the hour after sunrise and they can be the best times of the day for photographers. As the light falls more horizontally you find more depth, more texture to your subjects. In the mid-afternoon sun an object can be bleached by the sun. You lose detail.

If you watch a sunset try to stay a little longer and see how the sky changes. Gradually subjects become silhouettes as the only light is in the sky. You can try to reproduce this style of photography in a studio. Larger studios are better. You'll also need backgrounds to show off your silhouette and then you need to bring in your subjects to form the silhouettes. Alternatively you could go into the street at night and you have instant silhouettes.

There is another way. If you have a good digital photo and the software, you can click a button that turns it to black and white. It might take more than one step but just by playing around with the brightness and contrast, silhouettes are formed.

Happy snapping

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