Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Posed and informal photos

Since I took photos at a wedding on Saturday, I will write about it for a couple more blogs. I have previously mentioned that I tend to know when I have taken my favourite photo of the day at the time when I take it. This is the photo on the left, but there are a lot of other contenders.

I am pleased with many of the photos from Saturday. My favourites are not necessarily the favourites of the bride and groom. For example, group photos mean so much more to them, and the informal shots taken by my assistant are often the photos that they prefer.

Sometimest the first photos of the day show signs of a few nerves. This was not the case on Saturday when the pose (yes it is posed) on the right was taken. If the photographer can use a technique to make nerves less obvious then they should be used. Sometimes this means just getting the bride and groom to walk together, but pretending to be dragged away from a pint is an alternative.

Happy snapping

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