Monday, 11 May 2009

Don't forget to ask for help

I didn't manage to write a blog yesterday. In my defence I have been quite busy with a wedding and then working on the photos. I have shown you some of the pictures when I went with the bride and groom to the Ashton Memorial in Lancaster and The Midland Hotel in Morecambe to prepare for the wedding day. We went to see where they wanted their photos, and we looked for wet weather options which we nearly needed. We had a heavy shower during the ceremony in Lancaster but look how the sky had improved when we arrived in Morecambe.

We had help to prepare for this photo. We were walking through the Midland and then we walked around it, but I am sure that James will not mind me naming him. He works at the reception and he was so helpful. He went out of his way to find a postcard that he had seen that had a pose similar to this one. The wedding car helped to set the scene and it also masked some of the other cars.

The main point of today's blog is to ask for help. A simple question may lead to a great photo. I had not taken photos at The Midland before but others had seen photos, so save time by asking.

Happy snapping

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