Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Saturday's Wedding 2

When the wedding cars arrived in Lancaster it had started to rain. Photos were either in the car, or with the cars in the background with bridesmaids and bride under shelter. The cars helped to set the scene for me even though they were at a distance. It is obviously better if the weather is dry and the photos can be taken next to the car, but even in showers the cars were helpful.

It also helps if the drivers are aware of how photographs are taken. On Saturday the drivers (who happened to be the same drivers as the previous week) were really helpful. They moved the cars together to help the background when it was raining. They moved the cars apart when it stopped raining and group photos were possible at the Ashton memorial, and the Bentley was parked twice at The Midland to give different settings for the photos. See yesterday's blog for the first parking spot and here is the second. Thanks to them for their flexibility.

Happy snapping

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