Sunday, 24 May 2009

Dreamlike photos

I used my compact for this photo. I wanted it for my website at as I have a links page. Whenever I put a link on the site I don't expect anything in return but I do get some reciprocal links.

I knew that high resolution was not needed so the compact was fine. The reason why I am putting it on the blog is to show a vignette. I know you have seen them before but this one fits so well with the name of the shop. The vignette creates a dreamlike picture. It also takes away the road markings and the repairs done to the road. There is a crop to take away the first and second floors of the building but the vignette also concentrates attention to the main shop windows.

The lady in this shop was very kind and did give me a link (as many others do) but she gets into the blog because of the name of her shop. It also tells you that you don't need a fancy SLR with an expensive lens You may be restricted as to how much you can enlarge a print with a cheaper camera with less megapixels but on a blog or on a website the photos are fine.

Happy snapping

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