Sunday, 3 May 2009

It is easier with a tripod

Back to Chester Zoo. You can see from this picture how sometimes you have to wait for the animals. Indoors I could have used flash but I didn't particularly want to. How do animals react when cameras are flashing at them. This picture struck because of the lighting. It isn't quite right because there is a shadow on the back of its head.

The point of this photo is to tell you that you can take photos indoors without flash and sometimes the subject will pose in the available light for you. I said that this was a family trip to the zoo so I wasn't going to wait for the tortoise to move backwards. I'm not even sure if they can move backwards.

I suppose the advice is always carry a tripod. This photo would look so much better if I had used a tripod and the timer but if you are reading this blog then it means that the quality of this photo was acceptable. I can't actually remember how I supported the camera. There could have been a wall to lean against but you should always try to keep as still as you can.

Happy snapping

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