Saturday, 23 May 2009

Name that roofline

The last blog showed an area of Lancaster that is famous because of its connections with the slave trade. It is quite picturesque and is full of history in the sense that a lot happened there and also in the sense that you can see the Maritime Museum. This photo shows another area of Lancaster which is seen by thousands each day. In the words of Rolf Harris, can you guess what it is yet? It has obviously been built when money was not as tight as it is now. Could it be part of Lancaster Castle?

The crenellations indicate that defenders can hide once they have shot their arrows. So if it is not Lancaster Castle where is it? I'll give you the answer. It is the railway station. I can't imagine many arrows being fired at travellers but it does show that sometimes you need to look up at rooflines, not just to see non-horizontal rooflines but you may see something more ornate. There can be a lot to hold your interest up there.

Happy snapping

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