Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Individual Wedding Photos

I have returned to Morecambe Bay for this last blog on last Saturday's wedding. Once they are married then the vast majority of photos are centred around the bride and groom. I also take photos of the bride and groom individually, and the opportunities for the individual photos tend to arise at set points during the day. Before the wedding there is usually the chance to get photos of the groom, the groom with the best man and with the groomsmen. There may be time for other photos as well but there are often a few moments to show off the rings (see right).

I really like the photo on the left, not just for the background but because of the relaxed pose. This is often the case when I come back for the first dance. The ceremonies of the day are over and there is a sense of relaxation after all the activity of the day. It is well worth going back for more photos in the evening.

In the photo on the right I tell the groom that he will be out of focus but a smile will be seen. This gives him a break from the smiling that is done throughout the day, and it often means that there is a more relaxed smile which is picked up by my assistant. Look for techniques to help you take your photos and see how they work.

Happy snapping

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