Thursday, 7 May 2009

Chester or Ambleside?

Here are two photos of running water. I took the one on the left at Chester Zoo. I thought the light falling on the water was quite nice and it is often the lighting which makes the picture. if you see a nice sunrise or sunset or if you are in the 'golden hour' next to either of these times then get your camera out.

The photo on the right is Stock Ghyll Waterfall which is very close to Ambleside. The natural waterfall is much bigger than the cascade of water at Chester, but they are both good examples of light falling on moving water. You can experiment with different apertures and shutter speeds when you have running water. Do you want the water appear frozen in time or flowing? There is a little movement in the Ambleside picture because it was shadier. The water at Chester is still and droplets can be seen, but you can vary how the picture is taken by changing shutter speeds.

My preference is for the Lake District but you do have to walk a little to get this photo.

Happy snapping

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