Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Black cloth background

My daughter asked me to take her photo this evening (17th May), and then she told me that she had a few changes of clothing. I didn't mind and it didn't take long to go through a few poses a few times.

The backdrop is a black piece of cloth. I like black because it doesn't show shadows and I like cloth because it is cheap. I am a miser when it comes to printing photos and I do like digital because there is no waste.

With these photos I did take them but my daughter worked on them. If you have a digital camera and a black cloth then you are half way there. You do need software for the photo manipulation, for the cropping and for the sepia effect but it is something that is relatively easy to do if you have the motivation. It also helps to have someone to help if you are stuck, and this is the only technology that I can help her with. Anything else and she has to help me.

Happy snapping

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