Monday, 4 May 2009

Use Morecambe Bay if you have it.

I took the photos at a wedding on Saturday 2nd May and we were so lucky with the weather. The forecast was good but the forecast was also for rain the day before and rain the day after. It hasn't been too bad today (the day after) but the main point is that you have to be lucky with the weather. There are many indoor scenes that make wonderful backgrounds but at least you have outdoor options if it is not raining.

You can see that both of these photos have Morecambe Bay in the background. Well according to Bill Bryson it is the finest view in Europe so it makes sense to use it if there is the opportunity. The photo on the left was taken in the afternoon. The photo on the right was taken when I went back in the evening for the first dance. I think both photos are great but my preference is the evening shot. I have used flash in both photos. On the right I needed to. The sun is setting in the background. On the left flash has helped a little because of the shadows cast in mid-afternoon. So for these photos I have been lucky with the weather and lucky having Morecambe Bay.

Happy snapping

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