Monday, 18 May 2009

Border colours are important

I am printing less and less of my photos. I tend to put examples of my wedding photography on the website at and I will often put photos on DVDs. I like the idea of the digital picture frames but I haven’t bought one yet. Costs seem to be getting less and less in photography. When I do get a print, it seems that the frames are by far the more expensive item.

I am sure that prints still have a place. They make our walls more colourful and they allow us to see family and friends of places that we have known. More of us are using photography as a means to create our own works of art and if we want to show off our artistic skills then a print on paper or on canvas or any number of other items may be just the way to do it.

Whichever way you look at your photos, you may choose a border, and borders can be any colour. I tend to stick with a cream border when I print. It is a fairly safe, neutral type of colour which does not significantly change the feeling in the photo. Some colours of borders appreciably change photos. Why not try an experiment? Take one of your photos and play about with different border colours on the computer. It costs nothing but it can be a preview for you if you want to print that photo and put it in a frame.

Happy snapping.

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