Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Natural Smiles

This is the third photo from last Saturday's wedding. I have chosen it because the couple chose it to go with the wedding report for the newspaper. Of course, when it is in the local newspapers it will be in black and white, but it does say 'Ashton Memorial', and it does show natural smiles. I do prefer natural smiles. You get it with confetti and on perhaps half a dozen more occasions throughout the day. Brides and grooms do smile all day, and I usually hear that their facial muscles are getting tired but a piggy back can give an extra lift (pardon the pun) to these smiles.

The rain had meant that the walk around the park had to be cut short. I was just pleased that we managed to get to walk at all. Even though we only had a few minutes it meant that we could get my favourite photo

Newspaper photos usually show the bride and groom standing side by side. I am pleased that they chose this photo because for me it will stand out. For them it shows their natural smiles. It is more than a smile and it shows the fun they had during the day. Their friends and family will recognise them and will recognise this fun.

Happy snapping

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