Sunday, 31 May 2009

The effects of flash

If you didn't read yesterday's blog then just compare this photo with yesterday's. Ambient light was supposed to show off lights in a curtain whereas in fact it showed a lot of light from the window. If you don't use flash then you have to have a long exposure and this means that you have to use a tripod. For the sake of two seconds it is much better to put the camera on timer so you get no shake from pressing the shutter. Alternatively you can use a remote for the shutter.

I used flash on this photo. I didn't need a tripod because the shutter speed is fast. This means that the light you get is from the flash which only acts locally to the camera. In the background you have the same curtain but this time it looks like the room is dark and you can see a better effect from the curtain lights. I'll show you a computer effect or two in the next blog.

Happy snapping

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