Wednesday, 30 September 2009

How to remember the good old days

Some people find it difficult to pose but others are naturals. Here are two examples that fall into the latter case. She was smiling all the time. After the second photo she asked me why I was counting. I told her that I normally count to three so that people know when to smile. I didn't need to count at all with her.

She also posed quite naturally. On the left I asked her to hold a frame, just like I do with brides. It gives people something to do as they get over their nerves for the first few photos. There were no nerves here. On the right I gave her a newspaper to read. It does say when she had her photo taken (OK it's a few days out as it is a weekly paper) so that will be a useful guide in the future. In sixty years she can look back and say that she remembers the old days especially 2009.

Happy snapping

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