Saturday, 19 September 2009

She was really moving

This blog is late. I like to publish blogs at 12.05am so that if you look each day then there is a new blog which is for that day. I prepare them and post date them as I don't write them about midnight. However I have been away this weekend and we got together as a family in a cottage in Kirk Langley which is near Derby. This afternoon we went to Carsington Water and most of us went canoeing. Modesty forbids me showing you a photo of me in a websuit (well the rest of the family actually) so here is a photo of my youngest daughter. The photo on the left has changed little from the way I took it.

On the right I have obviously made it monochrome but I have also put in some motion blur. I may show another photo in the near future and if the canoeist is coming towards the camera I will use zoom blur. The blur allows us to think that they are really moving. Well she was - but slowly.

Happy snapping

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