Sunday, 27 September 2009

More on Glasson Dock

Yesterday I asked where I was. Today I could ask the same question but the answer is the same. It is Glasson Dock. You see we do get nice weather. It was a warm evening and it felt like I could be walking along a docks in France or Spain. Package holidays killed off the British seaside resorts but it is possible to be lucky with the weather.

Lancaster has a quay but you don't see any boats there. The river has silted up and the tide would leave you high and dry for a large part of the day. Lancaster was chosen as a site for a fort by the Romans because you can cross the river here at low tide. Well I suppose that is still possible but I wouldn't recommend it now as there is a footbridge. It is still tidal at Glasson Dock and as you can see from the photo on the right, if you want to get your boat into the dock you are going to be limited to high tides.

Happy snapping

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