Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I can't show the candid photos

I have been talking about the 'firsts' that were associated with this wedding. There were a few but all weddings are unique in some respects. This time I was too far away to get home and return with a surprise gift in the evening. The benefit of this was that I took a lot more candid photos. In fact it was a great help to have Wythenshawe Hall with all its shelves. They acted like tripods and meant that I didn't need to let anyone know that I was taking photos with flash. I was also given a meal which was a very nice benefit to me.

I'm afraid that I can't show you the photos when the guests weren't looking as I haven't asked them. So I'll stick with two photos taken in the church. The interior of St Ann's Manchester is really very beautiful. I would call it a Manchester oasis but I am sure that many other parts of central Manchester are also very nice. The register was signed in a room to the left of the altar. Now you know where you will find the oak panelling.

Happy snapping

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