Thursday, 17 September 2009

Last two photos from last Saturday

For the final photos before I leave this wedding I want to show you the interior and exterior of St Ann's church in Manchester. The photo on the left was taken from the back of the church. The flash doesn't work that far but it does show you how much light gets into the building. We had a bright sunny day so it doesn't always rain in Manchester.

If you look back in the blogs you will see that we prepared the backgrounds for the photos including the one on the right. I did get some leaves in the photo but when I came to crop this one it didn't look right to keep the braches in the photo. The manipulation that keeps the flowers is colour is fairly straightforward. I would say that you either love it or hate it but you can be indifferent towards this type of manipulation. I am aware of this so the bride and groom do get a version totally in colour and another totally in monochrome.

Happy snapping


  1. many thanks to mike. we are very pleased with the fantastic photos (all 338 of them). mike has a great rapport with the guests, and is creative with the poses, and post production. we hardly noticed mike was there, but he caught every important moment. we received the completed disk only 3 days after the wedding, and the value for money is unbeatable as far as i we are concerned.
    thanks again
    Kat & Graham (Marshall)

  2. Thanks for your very kind comments Graham and Kat. Just to clarify - your photos are in the blogs from the 21st to the 24th Sept.

    I am pleased just to be part of the day but your appreciation is also very welcome.