Friday, 11 September 2009

You have to get the close-ups

On the left is a typical close-up from a wedding. I like to take close-ups so that you can see the detail of the buttonhole flower. Close-ups may also show off details in the waistcoat or the bride's bouquet. Especially important is the detail of the bride's dress and the wedding rings. I often get this detail with the groom's left hand on the back of the bride's dress and the bride's left hand on the groom's waistcoat.

I amended this photo by putting a vignette around it and on the right I have also added my website address. Take the address away and this is the photo that I used as my motif which is found on each page of the website and on all my headed notepaper. You do need to get the standard poses but at times you have to get the close-ups.

Happy snapping

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