Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Portrait changes

My portrait photography has a similar basis as my wedding photography. I take photos of whoever wishes to have their photo taken and then I work on the photos to make them monochrome or sepia. Then I return within a couple of hours and they have a disc with a lot of photos.

Today (28th Sept) I took photos of this young girl. There is nothing wrong with photos in a living room but I wanted a plain background and suggested that they come over to my house where I have three backgrounds - a black, a white and a cloud effect. The answer to a plain background was much easier. We found a white wall and took a few more photos. On the left I converted the photo and gave it an oval vignette. On the right we have sepia and a rectangular vignette. As it only takes a couple of clicks I am open to suggestions as to how to amend any of the photos.

Happy snapping

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