Thursday, 1 October 2009

How to exaggerate facial features

I have a willing model. Not only do I have a willing model but I can take as many photos as I like and she doesn't get tired of having her photo taken.

Alright, you can see that the model is our dog but there is also another useful purpose for taking this particular snap of our family pet. It is to show that you should not get too close to models. How would your model feel if you got this close and thus exagerated the size of her nose? If you get too close then the perspective changes and noses look bigger. This happens to some extent wherever the model stands but it is more obvious when their nose is close to the camera. This is why it is better to have a large studio, better lighting and a zoom lens. In this way the facial features will not be exaggerated.

You can click a few buttons on the computer and change perspective and this method is significantly cheaper than the studio option, but some people prefer to ban this method and only allow the rich to take better photos. Still our dog doesn't mind if we exaggerate the size of her nose.

Happy snapping

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