Monday, 28 September 2009

What to use for a motif

When I was looking for a motif for my wedding photography website, I wanted an image that instantly told you that it was related to a wedding. I also wanted a photo that could not identify the bride or the groom. Typically a photo of the bride and groom would serve this purpose except it would identify the couple. They would recognise themselves even if the photo was taken from the back.

It would have to be a close-up and the photo of the bouquet on the right was a contender. Mostly the bride's flowers fit a portrait format rather than landscape, and I wanted landscape. I decided against this photo because it is too distinctive. I am sure that more than one bride has carried a bouquet like this but it is not traditional and the combination of the rare flowers and the white gloves put me off using this as a motif.

The motif that I chose may be seen on any page of the website (and on my notepaper) at

Happy snapping

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