Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Bus favours

In yesterday's blog I mentioned that there were a few 'firsts' with this wedding. In these pictures you can see another of the firsts. The wedding was in the centre of Manchester and it is not easy for private vehicles to drive into the centre and park. For that matter it is not easy for public vehicles including the Routemaster bus.

All the guests were transported from the church to the reception, including yours truly. On the left we have a photo of the bus and the guests are just starting to get on board. On the right we have another transport link with a very nice favour. This photo was taken as the room was being prepared and this favour will certainly keep memories fresh from their wedding day.

Happy snapping.


  1. Natalie Mera-Pirttijarvi30 September 2009 at 21:55

    Hi Michael,

    We've just got back from honeymoon and were just checking out the photos up here properly, they're fab! Also we just wanted to say another thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the day, everyone commented on how great you were. We're really looking forward to picking up the CD's.

    Thanks again, see you soon,

    Natalie and Ross.

  2. Thanks for allowing me to take part in your day. It was a pleasure and a privilege. I am looking forward to passing over the photos, the CDRoms and the DVDs to you both as soon as you get up to Morecambe.