Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Surprise wedding photos

There was a surprise for the guests last weekend though they might have guessed what it was when they saw the boat at the jetty. I normally leave weddings at the artificial cutting of the cake but these two photos were among my last photos on Sunday.

We have not had a good summer but I have been lucky with my weddings this year. At one wedding we could see a really heavy shower out of the windows while the bride and groom were signing the register. Fortunately it was just a shower and we were able to get the photo of the venue in the background. The reception was in Morecamvbe and that afternoon we had bright sunshine. However good weather is probably more important in the Lake District than in most other places.

There was a 'plan B' at this hotel. Even if the weather had been poor the hotel was so spacious that group photos could have been taken and there would still have been great views of the lake.

Happy snapping

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