Tuesday, 22 September 2009

One more pose for the repertoire

I supply photos in a 6"x 4" format for my brides and grooms. Primarily this is because they usually want prints as not everyone has a computer and they can see at once what the photo looks like in print. These photos are in the 6"x 4" proportions which means that you do nothing to them if you want 6"x 4" or 9"x 6" or 12" x 8" or any other similar proportion.

There are two exceptions to this format in the hundreds of photos that I have handed over to them and both of them may be seen in the photo on the left. The two prints on the wall were square so I cropped two photos to become squares. I labelled them 6"x 6" but it doesn't really matter as a square is a square. Think of any number then square it and these photos will fit that format.

I don't think that there are any new ideas for poses. It is just how near the front of your head they are. I did think that I had the original idea about putting photos in photos and then I found other people do this! As for the photo on the right it is thanks to a previous groom and best man that this pose was in my thoughts (so thanks to Ross and Charles for this). I like the bar pump pose because it gives out natural smiles. In this sense it is like the piggy back photos, any lift of the bride or the confetti photos. In this case I did ask the best man if I could put him in the blog so here it is. Normally you just see brides and grooms as they are generally the only people I ask.

Happy snapping

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