Thursday, 10 September 2009

Last two photos from last Saturday

The tarmac on the left was black to begin with. By changing the photo to monochrome you would not guess that it changes the tarmac much however it has gained a new quality. The texture becomes more clearer. When a photo is in colour then obviously colour dominates. In this example the car in the background has become less obvious and the focus is more on the outline of the building and car and also on the bride and groom. We were very lucky with the weather on Saturday but you can also tell that it has been raining. The tarmac is gleaming and clean.

The final photo from this wedding is taken just before they walk into the room for the reception meal. For me it mimics the bride entering the church with her father. The end of a life as a single person is now reflected as the start of a married life. This sounds rather poetic so you can just think of them as similar poses.

Happy snapping

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