Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Different poses

I don't know if you know The Whoop Hall in Kirkby Lonsdale but there are many fine views for photographers. I like to get some photos that have the reception in the background because this is a major part of the wedding day, so the photo on the left is one of several photos in which you will recognise the venue. You may not see changes to the photo like the removal of road markings or any oil stains on the road. If you want to check whether I have made any changes then you can always drive over. You may now be saying that it isn't worth the drive and it doesn't matter whether there are any oil stains, and you are probably right, but it does help the photo if you find a nicer piece of road.

We had prepared a pose in which the groom was standing in front of the stile and the bride was on it with her arms around his neck (in a friendly kind of way).The photo on the right was taken just before this prepared scene. Now I don't like to direct couples too much. There are basic poses but I wouldn't see them as 'arty'. However if someone wants to pose then I am very happy to take the photo.

Happy snapping

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