Monday, 7 September 2009

Colour versus monochrome

I like all the photos that I pass on to the bride and groom. This time I will be handing over 390. I generally have a favourite and they are often photos like the one on the left. In this photo you have the portraits and the flowers in close-up and it fits well within the 6"x 4" format. Having said that it does fit well with many sizes of photo.

The obvious difference with the photo on the right is that one is colour and the other is monochrome. The background is similar but the cropping has changed. With very little movement from the bride and groom you get many differences in the photo. Colour picks out the flowers, but monochrome emphasises the folds of the dress. I think that both photos lead you to the faces wherever you start looking at the photos. Try looking at any photo like this. What do you look at and what influenced you to look there? It is clearer on the right but you follow the line of the dress to the point of interest.

You may also notice that the lawn is quite neat. I will leave it to you to decide whether the lawn had been digitally tidied.

Happy snapping

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